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Grace Presbyterian Church



SUNDAY EVENING FELLOWSHIP   6pm (No 6pm Services 27 Dec to 31 Jan)

390 Vickers St Sebastopol (Cnr Tait St)       (03) 5342 9726

Postal Address: 390 Vickers St., Sebastopol  Vic.  3356


Grace Presbyterian Church is part of Ballarat West Parish of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, Australia. A small country Church at Lexton is also part of our Parish. Ballarat is a large regional city in Victoria, Australia. We are a growing church that welcomes and caters for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Church building is situated in the rapidly expanding suburbs of Sebastopol and Delacombe in the south-west of Ballarat but we welcome people from all areas of Ballarat and its surrounds who wish to come.


We are a church which desires to worship God, which has a heart for the scriptures and a desire to see the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ impact on our lives and the lives of others around us. We meet together to worship God each Sunday at 10am and 6pm and you are most welcome.




We welcome any who would like to come to church even for the first time. Church is a gathering of people who want to worship the one true living God out of gratitude because they know and understand what God has done for them in sending His only Son – Jesus – to live and die for them. You should never feel as though you are not good enough to come to church. Jesus said: "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call those who think they are good enough, but sinners – those who know they are far from being good enough for God." There are all sorts of people at church but most of them have one thing in common – they know that without God life is futile, that God has come into this world in the person of Jesus to save them and that all who come to Him genuinely will not be turned away.

If you have never been to church, don’t have a church home or haven’t been for a long time we would love to make you feel welcome.

Ian Hutton


Ballarat West Presbyterian Church